About Us

About us

We do our business thinking everyday how to improve the quality of the product that we own in everyday life.

And I always have a belief that the items that we use every day in our life have to be as comfortable as it makes us feel good every day using the item. It makes us feel positive and charges us with good positive energy.

For the same thinking, it motivates us to source for better quality and innovative product that could go along with a different individual as you move on with the different stages of your life.

It gives us the passion and purpose to fulfill these mission.

We source for product that is uncommon, and not selling in the shopping mall, but is an important product that the consumer's desire. We focus on the need for this group of customers and solve their search for the product.

You may have heard of people complaining about a faulty product that is purchased from a competitive online platform, having the same pictures as ours, selling at a lower price. You may have to be especially careful with low price product, as it always compromises quality issues.

Foldablebed.sg provides assurance to all customers, that our product are especially source, tested and quality are good. Any default in the product we will accept the responsibility to recall them back.
Quality and safety cannot be compromised.

Thank you for supporting FoldableBed.sg

Best Wishes,

From FoldableBed.sg Support Team